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my travels...utah

okay---if you visit my facebook will see repeats of some of the pictures....cannon is cute enough to see him twice.

got to go to my nephew's wedding in south carolina via utah! and yes, thank you, i know my geography.

my mom has 2 sisters in she asked if i would like to go with her to utah to be her chauffeur and escort her to visit...AND WE MIGHT JUST BE ABLE TO VISIT WITH LEAH/JOE AND CANNON.
duh...that took me all of 2 seconds to jump all over! (if this picture looks familiar---leah looked THE EXACT SAME a year ago! :) she looks great.

so we arrived on saturday...drove to springville...we stayed at a hotel not too far from leah...we ate out A LOT...twice to red lobster....
mr cannon is a calm and happy baby...not a giggly baby....leah was a giggly baby....cannon is a thinker....he stares at you and you just know he is figuring you out...or trying. Joe & Leah have baby-gated their apartment so cannon has full run/crawl of the area. he loves his piano...thats no surprise. he is standing up and trailing furniture...has almost 4 teeth....he has grown into his head and looks like joe...not a lot (really...not much if any) hair...but his dark hazel eyes and eyebrows tell you he is a little joe.
cannon loved this stuffed dog at my aunt Margo's, of course....i have found one for him...david is going up there next week (september 3ish) to he is delivering a dog (albeit stuffed) to mr cannon
we went to church with them...that was to hold cannon...let him slobber all over baby slobber....cannon is learning to kiss...he is at the point right now where he just puts his mouth near yours with his lips wide open....i love baby slobber.

monday we went to salt lake all day and visited with margo and mom's cousins sara, suzie & peggy all came by to know its family when you can pick up a conversation right where it left off a year ago.
Joe, Leah, Mom & I ventured over to the Oquirrh Mtn temple open house...thought it would take 10 minutes...not sure where we got THAT was you drive into SLC valley from the point of the mountain, you can see 3 temples within a few minutes of each other....truly prophecy come to truth. We tore across the valley to try to get into Draper Temple (my family are the drapers that established that area)....only to find it was closed for cleaning! (note to the temple to see if it is open). We headed home to Thai food prepared by Joe & Leah...delish.

After a late-night visit to our favorite....your local wal-mart....we got to the hotel to prepare for a very early drive to slc airport for our trip to south carolina....
bye mountains
bye joe
bye leah
bye cannon
bye b+.....see you in december


Sharon said...

Wow, you have really been traveling this year. Going to see the grand babies is the best. I wish you were traveling here to see us. We are anxious to see Dave, Leah, Joe & Cannon.

Cathy said...

what a fun trip!! wheres all the pictures!!