this is me now


musings on a thursday morning

hear i sit...listening to "Breaking Dawn" on my Itouch....9:19 a.m.....Milo is sound asleep next to me...lyric is sound asleep in her room....ben is at work....i leave to go home i ponder a bit...

  • teaching seminary this (one week i teach---the next she does)....Book of Mormon....I am excited....i love the age-group and love the topic.

  • after a busy summer of shows...i still love it....the travel is hard on david and ace....they have been great to make it easy for baby boy has grown up this summer.

  • got to see Ben, Cannon & Milo all within one month.....bliss.

  • i love to baby my babies....and their babies....this makes me happy.

  • i need to stay home and clean closets.

  • i need to go to pennington field to watch band at 7 a.m. on a friday morning

  • ready for friday night football games.

  • i love facebook...friend me.

  • i miss my puppies and want another

  • i'm lucky to like my babies' men...most of the time ;)


Olivia Carter said...

Man, I wish I only needed to stay home to clean closets. My house is a TOTAL disaster today!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I'm so glad that Miles has such an awesome seminary teacher...and jealous that you get to see him more often than I do! ;)

Merf said...

oh! i'm not Miles teacher! he gets Anita Romrell and Sally Seil...different ward...but i'll see him in the hall!

Robin said...

Teaching seminary is so cool.. you will be awesome. I have always loved you and how you teach...and grandbabies are the best ... they are so fun to hold love and spoil... how lucky you are.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...


Michelle said...

Love your musings!

Christie said...

How fun that you are teaching seminary (and that they were able to work it around your schedule!). I know that was a great calling for my mom.