this is me now



I've been married 27 1/2 years----i have 6 only children----i was raised in the midwest---my high school mascot was a pretzel---yes---a pretzel. I am a jack of all trades master of none---i've taught piano, babysat, played the piano for ballet classes, done job coaching and job finding, data entry, sign language interpreting----now i am working at a call center for people calling in to find a doctor---i actually enjoy it---part-time and leave it at work. I also perform in a musical comedy ethics workshop for social workers/psychologists and therapists.....i was born to do this---i get to sing and act and play around---the 2 guys i work with are hilarious and rehearsals are fun---which makes it worth a bunch. we do a 3 hour show of familiar songs that the words are changed to fit a situation where an ethical code is being broken....very funny---we've had great response----we've performed all over texas, oklahoma,----gone to kansas and are going to Miami Florida in march! yeah!


BBDavid1 said...

you're the best. I constantly want to vacation at your house. The girls miss you too. You were born to perform. Love ya, David

Cathy said...

you need to tell me more about this performing bit. We could always use a bit of comic relief in my office....I am a social worker you know!!! Its only the EXCITING city of Lubbock, TX, but hey, you would get to see me :)