this is me now


the beginning according to merf

my perspective---at half a century--

time to start blogging---therapeutic---will probably be lots of incomplete sentences---dont know that i'll ever try to download pictures---oh-who am i kidding---yes i will----wont capitalize---stopped that years ago---very public place to do something so private---

i miss my baby girls---i live vicariously thru them---and now have to live unvicariously---is that a word? i'm going to end up sounding like larry king---random thoughts...

i'm married to the most patient, peace-loving and gentle man---better than i deserve---

cant wait to be a grandma---but will---i'm going to be a great-grandma---well---you know what i mean---mcdonalds and toys r us and chuckie cheese and the zoo and making cookies and dancing to one-hit-wonders (my favorite genre)

i miss cooking.

i really like my chihuahuas.

i really enjoy doing the detail work on planning bridezillas.

i dont mind working at mindless jobs.

i enjoy reading other blogs---dont know that i will enjoy having others read mine---dont know that i will announce i have one!

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