this is me now


A woman my age can't say that in your 20', 30', or 40'.....makes you old before your time.....but women MY age:
Aren't expected to do heavy lifting (who do they think does it when you are alone?)'s okay to have wrinkles on my forehead.... one is surprised I'm a grandma
....don't get invited anywhere (wow....that sounds like a cry for attention)'s okay to not be trendy in clothes....cardigans with cats are totally acceptable (don't have any, but it would be okay)
.....get reminded of the quirks of my youth---and questioned as to why I don't continue (DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOUR EARLOBES STRETCH FROM BIG HEAVY EARRINGS?)
....for the most part are treated politely by men and boys of all ages
....are invisible
.....should wear short hair? Or make a last run at long? You tell me!
 46 years ago----hair is still the same texture
 back of my head----its even longer now---this was 2 months ago
 longish hair---but slumped over---5 years ago
 perfect short hair at beth's blessing
 normal short hair----really really short hair
 2 years ago short hair---i look like a thumb
short after a long day waiting for beth!
recent long hair---football helmetish? it flows pretty---but still looks WAY normal


Sharon said...

I love your long hair! Sometimes it's nice being invisible and not having to worry about all of the stuff that we used to.

Rondi said...

I like the longer hair..just the right length. I think I have seen you in just about every hair length and color. I will never forget the day you walked into the temple and sat next to me and I didn't even know who you were.

Susan said...

As one who loves the short hair, I can totally support the long hair. :)

Piter and Heidi said...

Maybe you could try the style I just posted on facebook!!!

Christie said...

It looks good...I don't know that I'd recognize you, but it looks good. Oh, wait, that didn't sound so good, did it?