this is me now


how the heck did i do it?

  • how did i (and by I, i mean david and i---but this isnt his blog----so i say i)----how did i get 6 kids dressed by 9 a.m. church?
  • how did i check 6 kids homework and grades
  • how did i get 6 kids fed everynight
  • how did i get 6 kids put to bed
  • how did i get 6 kids up every morning
  • how did we (yes---notice i give due credit) pay for all this?
  • how did i (and this one is totally I--me--myself) get my kids to and from doctor appointments for well-baby/vaccinations/medicine management/camp physicals etc)
cause now----
  • 1:30 church---i'm nagging on ace and david to get out the door by 1 (dont ask---if you arent early you are late)
  • 1 kid in college---still checking
  • i dont cook anymore---or i COOK---but regular day-to-day meals---meh
  • ACE---GO TO BED---cause---
  • what do you do with a 17 yr old who STILL wont wake up to an alarm clock?
  • we've been blessed with opportunities to earn money---and things were cheaper back then---really---cheaper---no cell phones, no internet, no cable---gas was .99 a gal---so was milk---so were kids
  • ace and i just took 3 dogs to the vet for vaccinations----one dog peed all over the floor---3 times---one dog peed the whole time they were giving him shots---the big dog got stuck 10 times while they tried to find her vein thru her hair and it took 2 vet techs to hold her still---and she wasnt fighting!....$329 later we are done for the year.....may i point out that you can say "sit" to dogs and children---and it works.

sorry it is sideways---i was holding 3 leashes


Amy said...

need a 'so true' button

Lyric said...

How did you do it? Do you need a refresher? Come here and try it all again with a 2.5 and .5 year old.