this is me now


Dear Doctor,

Dear Doctor Ohman,

I hurt here....
Can you make this go away....
There's gotta be a pill for that...
What the heck is this....

Dear Merf,

Nice to see you...what hurts bad enough to bring you in?
I know.... sorry...take Tylenol for it EVERYDAY for the rest of your life.
Hmmmm....lets get a blood test ....and try this cream
There is...but you have to TAKE the pills....EVERYDAY....REALLY.....i'm not kidding
How old are you?
          Dr Ohman....
ps---by the way---since you are here---lets schedule your tri-annual well-woman check---and mammogram (yes, merf---you are supposed to do it every year)---what did you have for breakfast (M & M's? really? how many? okay---we'll check your cholesterol since you are here)

Dear Phlebotomist,
My veins roll
My veins are deep
My veins arent very good
I bruise

Dear Merf,
Sorry...twice... in 3 places..sorry

love,  phleb


Lyric said...

poor mom. what is your ailment(s)? you never mentioned that on the phone when I asked. pills everday? heartburn, i should suppose?

ouch. much sympathy from ben on seeing your painfully prodded arms, he is fearing needles for you...also, dr. ohman loves you.

Princess Mommy said...

Dear mom,
Ouch! So sorry! If you want the practice, you can have my IV next week! :) I dont mind!

And Lyric is right. Dr Ohman loves you and is a good dr.
Love, Jas

Jackie said...

Oh yuck. I hate getting blood taken. I have the same veins. Last time I had to give blood they stuck me 4 times in one arm and every time the vein rolled! Luckily they made it on the first shot on the other arm. Hope everything is okay!

hangrt said...

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