this is me now


january blues

first weekend with no family here
no babies...gave away the baby food they left behind
no daughters (no offense, ace....its not the will be when you are older...right now you are ALWAYS here :) love you!)
no holidays to cook for
house is clean---or as clean is its gonna be
i think i'll wallow a little next week
not teaching seminary next week (taught this week---yay---love my seminary class)
next week I'll:

  • watch season 4 of 24
  • take daily naps

  • see my brother marc

  • celebrate a little day---nuff said

  • clean my closet

  • call my girls everyday...early...before my nap

  • cook spaghetti and eat it at 10 p.m.

that will make it the january purples


Princess Mommy said...

Mmmm...spaghetti in a fuzzy robe and socks watching JTCDC over and over again! You should come down here and do that!!! :)

Lyric said...

what is jtcdc?

Merf said...

hmmmm---jtcdc---joseph's technicolor dreamcoat---yes---i get a little obsessed with that one---
really lyric? i write out this heartfelt post and you only ask jasmine a question? reallY?!

Olivia Carter said...

Oh glad you've got some fun stuff to do. I wish I had a clean house!