this is me now


pics of my baby boys

dont laugh....i finally learned how to upload or transfer or whatever the pictures from my phone to my here are random pictures of my baby boys

so...can cannon actually get his entire fist in his mouth? circa 3.10.2009

ben hall sportin his plaid shorts and polo at his dad's tennis game....circa 4.20.2009

cannon nelson & ben hall.....lyric & i took them on a walk and then chilled on the grass for a bit...dont you think it appears that ben is grabbing cannon's ear!? circa 4.4.2009

cannon getting his first taste of sweet potatoes....this is a good reaction! hint....always feed your kids naked....less laundry! circa 4.10.2009
ben's first regular day at church....he looks thrilled....or catatonic! circa 4.12.2009

cannon is awake! yay! circa november 2009

ben's daddy combed his flows so pretty! circa 4.12.2009

we worked really hard to get cannon to take a bottle and give mommy a break....a couple days later he is holding his own bottle! (with the help of his teddy bear!) circa 4.10.2009

i love bumbo chairs! ben...he's not so sure....circa 4.19.2009

we got bored in the we put a water bottle on cannon's head....and it stayed...even when he moved....he looks thrilled....circa 4.5.2009

classic bluebonnet picture...i love ben's pose....looks like michelangelo posed him! circa 3.22.2009
dont know how to rotate these pictures....but this is ben...ready for something...not sure what....but total prep.....circa 4.4.2009

this is a closeup of ben's hair right after his bath....towel dried hair....circa 3.16.2009

finally captured cannon smiling!....this is when we saw how much he looked like Leah! circa 4.2.2009
love this pose! Cannon found his toes! circa 4.4.2009

ben with his typical sleep pose....arms up and at the ready....4.7.2009

again....sorry its on its side...I love this sleeper! circa 4.13.2009


Olivia Carter said...

Ah, those pictures are SO CUTE! I just can't get over all that hair!

Princess Mommy said...

Where are my baby's pants?? Anyway, love the pic of Cannon and the water bottle. Makes me giggle! But my son is cuter and therefore the favorite... :)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

What adorable boys!

Loralee said...

Oh my goodness! I am in love.

Rondi said...

They are so darn cute. Isn't being a grandma the best thing in the world?