this is me now


i'm nothing if not random....

no real rhyme or reason....these are pics that have been on my phone...most speak for themselves....most are just poses that i really like ...and as i look at this post...i'm thinking i should have split it into a couple of different ones...too dang long...but oh well...
typical me....asleep on the couch....covered in DOG ....this should be my facebook picture
ben & lyric one week before the wedding....i love lyric's hair curly!
bluebonnet pose...march 22, 2009...somewhere between ft worth and beaumont
lyric's birthday cake....ben got her an ice-cream cake from baskin! :) lyric doesnt like we always put her candles in a 1/2 gallon of ice cream....he did it better!
and lest you think i have been distracted from one of my true continues you see the band director up in the middle of the band? he was jammin' on his trumpet!

got to go visit leah and joe 2 months before cannon's arrival...she is so cute pregnant!
every now and then, on a dancing moose trip, i remember to get my camera out...or sometimes its just my phone...but i grab a picture....this is the st louis arch...with a funny curve!
this was the view outside my room in Hot Springs, pretty!

in Miami, Tim Anderson & I took a train to the ocean and looked at all the beautiful boats.

Ada, Oklahoma show...the college put us up in their bed & breakfast...beautiful! gift bags, wood floors, my room was all mauve
one of my favorite poses from David Jamison Hall ...notice the chili lights above the kitchen door...they leave those up all year!
and my baby in his tux...what a little man! (5 ft 11 inches of him)


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I'm Lovin' the randomness. :D

Michelle said...

I loved the pictures I could see! I hoping the rest of the pictures will come up the next time I visit your blog.

Meredith said...

i was working on this blog while you were looking!

djeppson said...

Priceless memories!

Princess Mommy said...

My favorites are of David and Ace! I cant believe Ace is almost 6ft!!!! He looks so good in a tux!

Rondi said...

I absolutely love blogging. It is the best way to share pictures with friends and families. So glad to have you on my list. I have to say that you and your dogs is the best picture. You look so absolutely exhausted but so loved by your puppies. What a life!! And we will watch over your two babies here in Beaumont for you, too.