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Hello Dolly

I'm sitting on the patio of the 23rd floor of the Holiday Inn Riverwalk in San Antonio--watching Hurricane Dolly roll in...very on the left is cloudy---on the right is gray to the ground---pouring rain so hard you cant even see it we did a show in Corpus Christi---just as the rain preceding the hurricane started---had about 25 people come---not bad for driving thru the storm---after the show we drove to San Antonio with clear skies....3 hours later Dolly arrives. this is the night before the hurricane hit---in Corpus Christi---the big ships were going out to sea to beat the storm
My feet---in the Gulf of Mexico...well...on the concrete wall that the Gulf comes up to in Corpus.this is the blue sky before the storm---but in the far distance you could see the hurricane a-comin...yes, I said a-comin.

This is our first "roadtrip" as DancingMoose goes fuller time----read my other blog....i'm doing laundry in the sink---eating ahi tuna with wasabi sauce...or burger king jr whopper...
missing the family---but thanks to technology get to talk to all of them all the time---

livin the dream!

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marcia@joyismygoal said...

I am glad you were safe like the feet shot