this is me now


...okay, I'll tag back...

i like to read Christmas letters (even the sugar-coated ones), i like to ---no----really like---nigh unto love---reading blogs---even of people i've never met (does that make me a stalker?)---and i enjoy reading the little tags that get sent around---informational minutia...i live vicariously...

so here are my answers to my cute niece, Jackie's, tag:
5 things I did 10 years ago
1.finished potty training my last child!
2.working as an interpreter
3. discovering marching band
4. counselor in the Primary Presidency at church
5. Girls Camp! went for 7 years straight!
5 things on my to do list
1. clean my closet
2. work on my Gospel Doctrine class in 2 weeks
3. print up all the itineraries for the reunion
4. clean my garage
5. clean out my desk drawers
5 favorite snacks/food
1. chocolate--cheap and milk
2. spaghetti at 11 p.m.---mine---no meat, Hunts Chunky Vegetable sauce, noodles cooked in sauce, onions
3. chocolate---m&m's, kisses, hugs
4. chips---cheddar cheese & sour cream or plain ripples
5. chocolate--fudgesicles---the thin ones
5 things I would do if I was a billionaire
1. Disneyworld cruise for everyone baby!
2. put away $999,000,ooo in very nice and safe investments
3. liposuction and a few nips & tucks
4. big house, one floor, with a pool and a maid
5. house accounts for each of my kids (notice I did not give them the money---a lovely way to maintain control!)
5 bad habits
1. eating chocolate
2. i'm very impatient
3. i'm a control freak
4. i bite my nails
5. i eat fast food too much
5 places I have lived
1. freeport, il
2. glendale, ca
3. provo, ut
4. yuma, az
5. fort worth, tx
5 people I tag (this means you guys have to answer the questions on your own blog--cut and paste,kiddos)
1. jasmine
2. eden
3. christie
4. cathy
5. david


Jackie said...

Glad you think I'm cute! It is the Ensign genes! I love these kinds of posts. So informational!

Christie said...

I finally responded...and I tagged my mom amd got her to start a blog!