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10 reasons David Jeppson is perfect

1. he lets me blog about him---and just smiles---he puts up with so many of us just running circles around him...and he goes on about his business.
2. he loves babies---his happiest sundays are when he gets to just hold a baby or toddler---he brings out his Blackberry and shows them the pictures on it---he lets them push buttons and grab his face---that is pure joy to him
3. he chooses his words carefully---when i cook something new---and i love trying new recipes---if it isnt something that he really liked, he will say "that wasnt bad"---I'll ask him if i should make it again and he'll respond--"no, thats allright"
4. he is very creative in giving great gifts---he is very clever in his gifts and presentation of said gifts---whether it is having the kids line up on Mothers Day and have them enter the room a la King & I style or having the entire family on different phones at the same time to sing me a song from Juno 5. his employees like him--they really really like him---i admire ambition---and david has always been ambitious in his career---and is very successful in it---and his employees admire him as a boss and as a compassionate listener.
6. he is patient---he thinks about things before he reacts and encourages others to do the same ...
7. he is goofy----he dances and sings---not well---but doesnt let that stop him---he puts himself out there to have fun 8. he works hard---he eagerly accepts 'honey-do' assignments---gardens, handyman around the house, re-decorating with me...tearing apart waterbeds and throwing them out the bedroom window because he realized there were just too many parts to try to take it apart and then put it together and sell it from our front yard !9. he is mature---he reads his scriptures and prays because he truly has faith and lives what he believes, he reads the Ensign and Church News because he enjoys them, he eats pretty healthy, goes to bed because he has to get up---never a lot of fanfare---just does what he is supposed to do because he wants to...Mosiah 5:2 10. he loves me!


marcia said...

how sweet I know we are not married to the same man but you described mine so very well too.

Michelle said...

I agree! I remember how impressed I was that David would always want to take whichever twin I was holding if I went up to bear my testimony with them while he was Bishop.

Olivia Carter said...

Hurray! I like Uncle David too

AnonymousPrincess said...

I love my daddy!

Michelle said...

Love what you've done with your blog!