this is me now


i find joy in.....

sorry about the 6 months since my last post----got a lot to say---but not too much to tell---crap and happiness have happened----but today---I choose to find joy in-----

playing the piano for primary
singing songs with the nursery
having kids in primary and nursery come up and say hi---even an 11 yr old boy put his arm around me and said hi----not too cool for school
playing the organ for church---been 8 months since I did that---and I like to open it up---and they let me
facetiming with my grandkids---even for non-sensical conversations
cute nephews---adults---that come and visit
sleeping in
making a date with my grandboys to see Artie's Playhouse shows...and to eat superhero snow cones at Buds

there is so much to be sad about.....but not today.

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