this is me now


Ben Hall

---one on one----what a great way to get to know someone----

this summer we had a big Ensign (my fam) reunion in Wisconsin---we've known about it for 2 years---so why the heck did JASMINE AND DAVID HALL PLAN TO HAVE A BABY 2 WEEKS AFTER? i dunno---but they did---and that will be a future blog---so----we offered to take Ben Hall (yes---we call him that because we also have a Ben Webb---and yes---we call him that) with us to the reunion---which means driving 1200 miles with a 3 yr old...and then 1200 miles back with a 3 yr old...and keep him for 2 weeks more before flying to New Orleans for the birth of his baby sister.  we didnt offer to take Beth---we love you Beth---but you were only 15 months---and this was our vacation! :) see ya in a couple.

Jasmine and David Hall (yes---we call him that because we have David Jeppson---but we dont call him that---we call him My David---or Dad---or Grandpa---or Brother Jeppson) agreed to let us have Ben (from here on to be referred to as "Ben") for 3 WEEKS!

 the many faces of Ben in the car---fully dressed with shades
 fully naked watching a movie---anticipating a loud sound!
feeling great after throwing up--hence the naked
                                     sound asleep with his pirate blanket                                     

cuddling asleep at the resort in Wisconsin
asleep on his little couch
yes mom and dad---he brushed his teeth

asleep cuddling with chloe---on my bed
asleep on the couch---we just let him be

 ben doesnt like loud sounds---so at the circus in Wisconsin---this was his position most of the show!
 but he was the only grandkid willing to go up to the clowns to get a picture!

playing with milo on top of his cousins Abby and Trevor Dow
visiting Great Grandpa in Freeport
                                                            Greatgrandma and Ben
                                                       happy boy at Chuck E Cheese!

                          after multiple water parks and swimming lessons---he was a fish!
                                                  hmmmmm---who enjoyed the games more?
he figured out the tickets pretty darn fast
                    his favorite ride at Chuck E Cheese                    

in motion as SuperHero!

                                                      free reign with my phone to take pictures of anything
cousin jake horsing around
watching Bugs Bunny on the Ipad

                                                     swimming lessons at Hurst Rec Center
 when he saw mommy and daddy at the NOLA airport---he took off running---with his elmo suitcase trailing behind him!

it was joy---pure joy.  He had his moments of missing mommy and daddy---saying "I need to go home"---so we made sure he skyped and called home a lot----but mostly we played, took swimming lessons, gave in to his every whim and desire---we arent his parents---we are his grandparents....which meant Chuck E Cheese----NRH2O (water park)----crawling into our bed in the middle of the night.  My nephews and niece were here---so Ben got to rough house with them---and he learned to say Outside! to the dogs.

Ben is so fun---so entertaining---has a great sense of humor---loves apples and all fruit---and shrimp.

when we got to New Orleans---he looked at David and I and said "you gotta go" "where?" "home"---he was afraid he wasnt going to stay with his family!

thanks Jas and David---and thanks Bell for coming 2 weeks after the reunion!


Princess Mommy said...

This makes my heart smile :) Thanks for taking him! He had a blast!

Rondi said...

You and David have a lot of guts taking on a three year old for all that time and miles. I just don't think I could handle that one. Definitely would need to double my medication!!!