this is me now


speaking as a fourth-born

When Leah, my firstborn, came to our home---I remember the overwhelming emotion of being ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY 100% in-love with this could i EVER possibly feel this same way about another baby!? maybe we should stop at 1!!!! this is not just loving a child---its being IN-LOVE....... Then came Lyric--- totally different baby---and yet----imagine that! I'M IN LOVE AGAIN!---wow---- how did that work!?!? certainly we need to stop now..... BAM! here comes Jasmine.... so you get the idea.
As I watch my daughters with their babies---I see that 'in-love'-ness with their first-born----and now hear leah talk about Jonas the way (just a year ago) she spoke of Cannon---awe of the cuteness and cleverness that is this new baby. And I smile---because I know that will be the case with each and every one of their babies.....many, many babies.
So this morning---at 6 a.m.---as I was reading Nie-Nie's blog---she spoke of the cleverness that is Ollie (love that name, btw----girls, you can use that for your 3rd born ANYTIME!)--- WHAT A WONDERFUL thing to hear a mom talk about her child and what makes her be IN-LOVE with him. here is the post from Nie-Nie:
"A few facts about my third-born:Ollie and I made up a secret handshake this morning.I gave Ollie a glass bottle with skeleton cross bones on it- as a result he has pretended to drink poison all day long.I never have to ask Ollie twice to do anything.Ollie kisses me everyday. Like smoooooches me.Ollie loves the song 'Families can be together forever',and he thinks it was written just for him since we say his name in it-(actually we are saying "all eternity") Ollie has only one of his 2 front teethOllie's remaining front tooth is fake.Ollie loves cowboys, swords, and enjas (ninjas).When Ollie loves you and can't get enough of you he will put his fingers under your armpits and pinch you really hard.Ollie will make some woman very happy"
as the FOURTHBORN of my parents---i'm certainly glad they continued to be IN-LOVE with their children and to recognize the individuality in each. I get to visit my mom this weekend (ssssh! its a surprise)----and I know she will think I am clever and cute and we will make up a secret handshake.....but i wont pinch her---i promise.


Lyric said...

awww i love it! wish i could come!

Olivia Carter said...

Aw, so sweet!

Katie said...

Yes, Ollie is a GREAT name for a third-born! :o)

I still wonder how I will feel that in-love with each new one, and it never fails - I do!

Christie said...

I'm pretty sure we all know by now that you love Jasmine the best. It's been all over FB and everything.