this is me now


my heart smiles....tis the season!

dropped ace off at school today.

"hmmm? what?" you say! its June! school is out....right?
yes....but tis the season....and my heart smiles.
10 years ago I dropped Leah off at school.....twas the first season.
ace started MARCHING STINKING BAND (that stinking is meant in a totally awesome and amazing FREAKIN good way)....3 days this week...then for real come August.

once again, I have a reason to sit at the football stadium at 7 a.m. and watch 300 kids march back and spend every weekend getting a sunburn watching 20-30 more "Meredith! you dont even have a kid marching!" again.... I HAVE A KID MARCHING!

marching season means:
  • sitting with friends watching the band...talking about band...volunteering for the band.
  • sno-cones during hot rehearsals
  • football games every friday night
  • tailgate parties before the game
  • 5 hr drives to austin and houston for competitions
  • $30 tickets for competitions...and worth every penny
  • dry-cleaning uniform every stinking (meant in a horribly tedious way) week
  • not breathing for 8 minutes every competition while I watch my son march
  • waiting in the van late at night for the band to get back from away games and competitions (and may i boast....we are in the same van we had when leah started band! yay for the big maroon van 10 years old!)
  • counting the times i have to here "Simple Pleasures"....its old before they play it!
marching season makes me happy


Olivia Carter said...

Woot! Fun, fun!

Robin said...

It is so fun to sit and enjoy football we had boys plya and girls dance, no one did band but the hours of dance rehersal and competitions and awards and spending time with our kids and they know we are there as there biggest fan....wouldn't trade a minute.

Michelle said...

You're a band nerd, I can tell...I hope I have something to be so dedicated to with or without my children. Have a fun season!

James said...

Marching season! Let the fun begin (again)!

Lyric said...

mom you are slacking on your blog! has farmtown taken over?!!