this is me now



if i'da known it was this hard to re-enact history i'd nevera tried it---i'm headin off to the western territories....i'm not having it---i been here before


Lyric said...

western territories. yuck. there are just potatoes, deserts, and a bunch of weird mormon's out there.

and since I believe I know what you are talking about (you never know, your cryptic-ness IS exceptional)--I have to say, it gives me great reassurance to know that I don't contribute (and NEVER ever have) to that particular situation, seeing as I am PRACTICALLY perfect in every way.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

You know how you have those little checkboxes that say "Funny" "interesting" and "cool"? When are you gonna put one that says "Cryptic"? I've never met a blogger who needs that button more than you!

Unknown said...

done and done!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...